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Golf Course Aerial Shot
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

About AirTee

AirTee is revolutionizing the golfing industry with its innovative tee-up system. Our solution is not only cost-effective, but it is also easy to maintain by clients. With a single moving part and no electrical motors or sensors, our system is completely silent, rain and irrigation-proof. It can be deployed at ranges with a low-air pressure source located far away. Join us in making golfing a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


Tee lines are set to play a pivotal role in the future of golf driving ranges by offering durable, consistent, and sustainable practice environments, while preserving the look of the traditional driving ranges.

Airtee is the perfect solution for Tee-line as our system is perfectly hidden The Airtee system can be integrated into the surface preparation of the tee-line but doesn’t require a concrete slab, only a flat surface and a rubber/plastic structure to latch on.

Quality Tee-lines allow easy access to the device in case of a malfunction.

Cost of installing the unit drops significantly, making this the most cost-effective solution to driving ranges.   


Why now?

4.2 million golf players that are of age 65-and-over 

28% of the total 33.5 million US golf players who deal with lower back pain.

Tee-Up is the most proven way to boost driving range revenue by up to 40% 

AirTee is the only cost-effective way to do that.

I like the system because staff can easily solve any problems rather
than having to rely on service engineers being called in. With little maintenance other than keeping the area clean (which it should be anyway!) this system works very well.

Andrew Keith Smith

Why AirTee?

Cost Effective

Increase thruput and ball sales by up to 40%!

Unit costs a fraction of an equivalent alternative 

A single blower driving up to 40 bays

Daily running costs as low as 4c per bay

No need to replace quality golf mat.

Shipping & Installation

20 Units + Accessories would weigh approx 70lb.

Site Prep with minimal disturbance to the range.

Designed for both concrete or deck 


Durable Waterproof design

Units can be serviced immediately and by anyone

No need to call a technician or send units back for repair

Tee Height Adjustment

A simple mechanical height adjustment built-in


Accepts a proprietary rubber hollow tee

Secured future income stream


The SAAT is designed to be mass produced.

Made from high-quality plastic, injected over aviation grade aluminum hard anodized

A unit can be fully assembled and tested in under 5min

Looking to impact the golf industry?

Contact Us!

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